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The Transformative Benefits of Discovering Your Career Success Archetype

  • Discover Your Uniqueness: Understand how your archetype influences your behavior, relationships, and decisions at work.

  • Identify Your Gifts and Roadblocks: Gain insights into your professional strengths and roadblocks, helping you leverage your natural skills and overcome potential barriers to promotion.

  • Transform Your Professional Relationship: Gain a new perspective on your workplace interactions, leading to breakthroughs with colleagues and supervisors.

  • Inform Your Career Strategies: Use your workplace persona to inform your strategies for promotions, role transitions, and enhancing leadership skills.

  • Promote Personal and Professional Growth: Spark personal growth, improve your work-life balance, and align your career with your core values.

Meet the Eight Career Success Archetypes

These eight unique archetypes provide insights into your professional behaviors, strengths, challenges, and deep-rooted beliefs. Each of us tends to resonate with one or more of these archetypes, shaping how we approach our careers and, in many ways, our lives. By understanding your persona, you can unlock your career potential, make empowered decisions, and rewrite your professional story.

Hi, I'm Nayli

Your dedicated Strategist and Success Coach.

For years, I've been passionate about helping ambitious women navigate their professional journeys, break through barriers, and achieve their career aspirations. My own journey has been filled with learning, growth, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Early in my career, I found myself fascinated by the diverse behaviors and dynamics within the workplace. This curiosity led me to explore various assessments like DiSC, Working Genius, and many others.

While each of these tools provided valuable insights, I often felt something was missing – a deeper understanding of the unique behaviors and patterns that truly drive success in professional environments.

Through years of coaching and mentoring professionals, I consistently observed certain behaviors that significantly impacted career trajectories. I noticed patterns that were not fully captured by existing assessments. This realization inspired me to create the Workplace Personas – a comprehensive framework designed to get to the heart of workplace dynamics.